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[GEO-1 技術報告]
  • RIVM/UNEP. 1997. The Future of the Global Environment: A Model-based Analysis Supporting UNEP's First Global Environment Outlook. UNEP/DEIA/TR.97-1.
    on-line from RIVM.

  • SEI/UNEP. 1997. Global Scenario Group: First Meeting Report, and The Sustainability Transition: Beyond Conventional Development. UNEP/DEIA/TR.97-2

  • UNEP. 1997. Report of Regional Consultations held for UNEP's First Global Environment Outlook. UNEP/DEIA/TR.03

  • USGS/UNEP. 1997. Selected Examples of the Use of Remote Sensing Imagery for Environmental Assessment. UNEP/DEIA/TR.97-4

  • UN DPCSD/UNEP. 1997. Report of the Meeting on Integrated Environmental Assessment/Global Environment Outlook (IEA/GEO) Core Data Working Group, 22-23 January 1996. UNEP/DEIA/MR.97-1 (reprint of early 1996 report)

  • UNEP/RIVM/PE. 1997. Report of the UNEP/RIVM/PE Workshop on Global and Regional Food Production and Land Use and the Long-term Impact of Degradation of Land and Water Resources,
    Bilthoven, the Netherlands, 20-22 May 1996. UNEP/DEIA/MR.97-2

  • UNDPCSD/UNEP/UNU/RIVM. 1997. Report of the First Meeting of the Global Modelling Forum for Sustainable Development, organised and sponsored by UNDPCSD, UNEP, UNU and RIVM,
    Bilthoven, the Netherlands, 23-24 May 1996. UNEP/DEIA/MR.97-3

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