State of Photochemical-Smog Warning
(Fukui prefecture)

Area Cities or Towns State Issued at Lifted at
SAKAI Area Awara-city, Sakai-city Not Issued --:-- --:--
FUKUI Area Fukui-city(former Fukui-city area only) Not Issued --:-- --:--
TANNAN Area Echizen-city, Sabae-city Not Issued --:-- --:--
OKUETSU Area Ohno-city(former Ohno-city area only), Katsuyama-city Not Issued --:-- --:--
NISHUU Area Tsuruga-city, Mihama-town, Wakasa-town(former Mikata-town area only) Not Issued --:-- --:--
WAKASA Area Obama-city Not Issued --:-- --:--

When Smog Warning is being issued....

  • Avoid outdoor activities and stay indoors.
  • When you feel irritation in eyes or throat, rinse out them.
  • In the case of severe symptoms, consult with a physician.
  • Avoid unnecessary car use.
  • Avoid incineration in the open air.
  • Pay attention to smog information on TV and other media.