On April 1, 2002,
Environmental Research Center and Institute of Public Health were integrated into the
Fukui Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Science
This page remains for the information of former organization.
Environmental Research Center of Fukui Prefecture

Founded in 1970

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Official Name:
Environmental Research Center
of Fukui Prefecture
Location and Contacts:
Location: 39-4 Harame-cho, Fukui-shi,
Fukui 910-8551, Japan ...[MAP]
Phone: +81-776-54-5630
Fax: +81-776-54-8759
E-mail: erc@erc.pref.fukui.jp
HomePage: http://www.erc.pref.fukui.jp
The Environmental Research Centre of Fukui Prefecture was founded in 1970 in order to: Besides this, the institute is now engaging in such areas as environmental assessment, amenity creation, global environmental conservation and environmental information and education.
Oct, 1970 Inaugurated as the Environmental Pollution Centre.
Nov, 1972 Completed the new institute building.
Apr, 1975 Launched the Air Quality Telemetry System.
Jan, 1991 Opened the Environmental Information Corner.
May, 1991 Renamed to the Environment Centre.
May, 1995 Renamed to the Environmental Research Centre.
Organizational Structure
Functions and Activities
Reports and Publications: Open Facility: Parent Organization: Membership:

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